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Flora Sophia Botanicals Shop - Flora Sophia Botanicals FDA Disclosure: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. About Us - Flora Sophia Botanicals Flora Sophia Botanicals is an “Earth Wisdom Apothecary” whose approach to health and healing is driven both by rigorous scientific inquiry and also by traditional herbalism and the deeper intuitive gifts we all have - the gifts which connect us to plants and brought us to this exact place in our healing journey. Flora Sophia Botanicals | Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Flora Sophia Botanicals Hemp Extract comes in three potencies. Start at .25ml per dose (~10-12mg CBD) and work up from there, For some, this will be sufficient, others will slowly work up to higher doses depending on their needs.

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Dein Lieblingsblog Flora Sophia Botanicals verwendet Labortests Dritter. Sie bieten über ihr Chronic Care Programm spezielle Großhandelspreise für Menschen mit chronischen Problemen an. 6. Charlotte’s Web Full Strength CBD Oil

Buy Flora Sophia Botanicals CBD Hemp Oil. We sell Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: 800mg CBD, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: 1600mg CBD, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: 2100mg CBD, Full Spectrum 800mg Raw Hemp Oil.

Flora Sophia Botanicals Flora Sophia Botanicals Hanfextrakt - Was ist Hanfextrakt? Alle wichtigen Informationen! Was ist Hanfextrakt? Kurz und knapp: Hanfextrakt ist ein eingedickter Auszug aus der Hanfpflanze, welcher durch Zerstampfen der Blüten und unter Hinzugabe von Lösungsmittel gewonnen wird. Als Lösungsmittel werden unter anderem Naphthalin, Äther, Blutanethiol oder 99% Isopropylalkohol verwendet. Es ist aber auch möglich ein Hanfextrakt ohne Hanfextrakt – das CBD-Öl – gegen Anspannung und Ängste

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Flora Sophia Oil: Glycerite - Cape Ann Botanicals Other Notes: This product contains vegetable glycerin, unlike the other Flora Sophia tinctures that use coconut oil. Great for someone with a coconut allergy. Suggested Use: Put liquid under tongue for 30 seconds. Easy addition to smoothies, coffee, foods or taken alone. Can also be applied topically.